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Enhancement from Bosch

Enhancement from Bosch
Article by: Martin Scholes on 2014-07-04

Bosch has enhanced its tyre service equipment range to offer workshops the latest generation of tyre changers.


The new TCE 4430 and the TCE 4435 cover 95% of all passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles meaning these new machines can make workshops a one-stop-shop, potentially increasing client retention and bolstering revenue.

Tyre Changers – Fast, effective and profitable
Bosch recognises tyre related service is a strong business opportunity that workshops can’t afford to ignore. This new generation of tyre changing equipment from Bosch offers a comprehensive range of products designed to be versatile and increase productivity without compromising safety.

The new TCE 4430 and TCE 4435 pneumatic tilting-back tyre changers offers a high speed, high performing, durable tyre changer suitable for the toughest UHP and RFT passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Thanks to the addition of a special accessory kit, they can handle motorcycle tyres.

Bosch’s G-Frame concept technology is at the heart of its new tyre changers. This unique, advanced feature increases the rigidity of the machine, reducing flow of internal forces, avoiding tyre and rim damage while also improving the time it takes to change the tyre. They’re ideal for high-volume, specialist or dedicated tyre workshops.

The new machines have a 4-point adjustable bead breaker, to protect the rim from scratching by avoiding risk of contact with the metal housing, equipped with a quick exhaust valve for faster bead breaking times. This increases the cylinder speed by up to 40%, plus avoiding crushing the tyre.

The shorter stroke of the cylinder reduces the need for air, lowering energy consumption and providing a long-term saving for the workshop. A smoother fit is ensured by the extreme rigidity of the frame, reducing the need for manual guidance, while the motor automatically slows down and speeds up.

The most stressed part in a tyre changer is the back pole, so Bosch developed a rugged 140x140mm tilting-back pole and a 100mm diameter back cushioned cylinder. This increases the ease of use to the operator during mounting and demounting, reducing the risk of accidental damage or injury while the electronically controlled motor ensures the optimum mix of power and speed for increased precision and safety.

Fitted with a ‘global standard’ positioned control pedal, the TCE 4430 and TCE 4435 help the operator to avoid misuse, while the 2-speed turntable secures maximum torque at each speed.
Bosch has also developed a tubeless inflating system for the TCE 4435, directly mounted on the turntable jaw, both features are easily controlled by the same pedal, to make the machine as user friendly as possible.