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Bad behaviour on the roads, claims Halfords

Article by: Martin Scholes on 2014-01-24

Motorists say goodwill towards other road users was in short supply over the festive period.

A study by Halfords Autocentres into how winter affects motorists found drivers concerned about the levels of impatient, aggressive and inconsiderate driving, which increases during the winter.

Rory Carlin of Halfords Autocentres said: “From our survey drivers see a general lack of courteous driving at this time of the year.

“the festivities take their toll on the nation’s road manners and tempers flare leading to less kindness and unselfish behaviour from some motorists.”

23% of drivers taking part in the research said they felt unfriendly, bad tempered behaviour, like failing to allow drivers out at junctions, lane hogging and not indicating, is a major issue during the winter.

20% felt there was a rise in aggressive, impatient driving, like tailgating, speeding and using horns or lights to intimidate drivers.

Rory added: “We know winter road conditions are a cause for concern amongst motorists but they also feel ill-mannered, aggressive behaviour by other drivers makes it worse. As 2014 starts, a good resolution would be for all drivers to be more considerate.”

Wet, dark and slippery conditions mean over a third of motorists are anxious or scared about driving at this time of year, so Halfords Autocentres has worked with former SAS Sergeant Major and survival expert John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman to create a handy Winter Survival Guide.

The Winter Survival Guide for motorists provides advice on everything from how to avoid a skid and remaining calm in traffic to administering first aid. To obtain your free copy visit